I've written and had published seven books, shown below along with kind comments from reviewers.

            Cornwall In The First World War (Truran, pp 112, 105 images, £8.99)

                An excellent new book by this Cornish historian and military expert, with plenty                     of photographs of wartime heroes and workers (Western Morning News).

            You'll find it in bookshops across Cornwall

            or through Amazon:

            British Flying-Boats (Alan Sutton, pp 291, 220 images, £25.00)

Comprehensive and authoritative … an excellent account … informatively captioned photos (Royal Air Force Historical Society).

Provides an unmatched record … deeply researched …  a large section of detailed appendices (Aero Militaria).  

            In Cornish Skies (Tempus, pp 128, 160 images, £9.99)

            Well produced ... detailed captions (FlyPast).

            U-Boat Hunters (Truran, pp 93, 80 images, £9.99)

Superb … a fascinating focus … a wealth of photographs (Cross and Cockade).

            RNAS Culdrose (Alan Sutton, pp 128, 160 images, £9.99)

            Well researched and produced … nicely captioned (Aero Collector).

            Aviation in Cornwall (Air-Britain, pp 158, 200 images, £17.50)

            Lively and informative (FlyPast).

            An immense amount of research … comprehensive coverage (Cornish World).

            Saunders and Saro Aircraft (Putnam, pp 340, 250 images, £25.00) 

Excellent detail … it is good to see justice done to this famous builder … one more to add to the bookshelf (Air Pictorial).


I've also contributed to the following books:

  • Lost Cornwall by Reg Watkiss, which takes a look at Cornish times past (Halsgrove Publications)
  • Sky Sailors: The World's Airshipmen by Ces Mowthorpe (History Press)
  • War On Wheels by Phil Hamlyn Wlliams (History Press), the story of the British army's mechanisation during the Second World War.


Below are some images of my book jackets.

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