I've written and had published seven books, shown below along with kind comments from magazine and newspaper reviewers.

            Cornwall In The First World War (Truran, pp 112, 105 images, £8.99)

                An excellent new book by this Cornish historian and military expert, with plenty                     of photographs of wartime heroes and workers (Western Morning News).

            British Flying-Boats (Alan Sutton, pp 291, 220 images, £25.00;

           revised edition, The History Press, pp 304, 220 images, £18.99)

           Comprehensive and authoritative … an excellent account ... informativley captioned                 photos (Royal Air Force Historical Society Journal).

Provides an unmatched record … deeply researched …  a large section of detailed appendices (Aero Militaria).  

            In Cornish Skies (Tempus, pp 128, 160 images, £9.99)

            Well produced ... detailed captions (FlyPast).

            U-Boat Hunters (Truran, pp 93, 80 images, £9.99)

Superb … a fascinating focus … a wealth of photographs (Cross and Cockade).

            RNAS Culdrose (Alan Sutton, pp 128, 160 images, £9.99)

            Well researched and produced … nicely captioned (Aero Collector).

            Aviation in Cornwall (Air-Britain, pp 158, 200 images, £17.50)

            Lively and informative (FlyPast).

            An immense amount of research … comprehensive coverage (Cornish World).

            Saunders and Saro Aircraft (Putnam, pp 340, 250 images, £25.00) 

Excellent detail … it is good to see justice done to this famous builder … one more to add to the bookshelf (Air Pictorial).


I've also contributed to the following books:

  • The Triple Alliance by Neville Doyle (Air-Britain), the story of the forerunners of British Airways
  • Lost Cornwall by Reg Watkiss (Halsgrove Publications), which takes a look at Cornish times past
  • Sky Sailors: The World's Airshipmen by Ces Mowthorpe (History Press), the story of airship pilots and crewmen around the globe
  • War On Wheels by Phil Hamlyn Wlliams (History Press), which examines the British army's mechanisation buildup during World War Two
  • The Fighting America Flying Boats Vols 1 and 2 by Colin Owers (Aeronaut Books), a peerless history of First World War America-class and Felixstowe flying-boats.


Below are some images of my book jackets.

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