Before I began writing full-time, I worked in industry.  Twenty-five years’ commercial and business management, mostly on communications projects across Europe, the Middle East and the beautiful Pacific Rim. 

But over the years a niggle grew, an itch I couldn't ignore.  As a hobby I'd always loved writing; spare time was filled with research, manuscripts, a cheerful mania for editing.  Finally I took a gulp, left the comfort of regular employment and went full-on for the writing malarkey.

To learn my new trade I took an MA in Professional Writing at Cornwall's Falmouth University.  It was inspiring; I came away trained in feature writing, literary non-fiction, and research methods.

Now, as well as producing my own material I edit other people's non-fiction copy, business writing and advertorial pieces.  From basic spelling, grammar and punctuation checks to major rewrites: refreshing, condensing, amplifying.  I'm always happy to sit with the client to understand what's required, I write to style, and I've never missed a deadline.